Top Cable Powerflex RV-K 0,6/1kV

The universal flexible cable for power transmission


This cable for energy distribution is suitable for all types of low voltage industrial-type connections, in urban grids, building installations, etc. Its high flexibility makes the installation process substantially easier and as a result is particularly suitable for use in difficult layouts. It can be buried or installed in a tube as well as outdoors without requiring additional protection. Lastly, the Powerflex RV-K cable can withstand damp conditions including total immersion in water.


  • 1.- Excellent flexibility: The use of flexible copper conductors and special PVC compounds makes this cable highly flexible.
  • 2.- Great power: The cross linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE) allows greater power transmission as well as a higher resistance to overloads. Additionally, it raises the maximum conductor temperature to 90º C (vs. 70º C in type NYY or VV cables).
  • 3.- Lower installation costs: The use of flexible cable noticeably speeds up the installation which in many cases means lower installation costs.
  • 4.- Fire proof properties: The No flame propagation properties of the Powerflex RV-K cable contributes towards improving the overall safety of the installation.
  • 5.- Protection: The special PVC mix outer sheath provides a high level of protection against hydrocarbon and mineral oils.
  • 6.- Versatility: The Powerflex RV-K’s design permits it to be installed in almost all types of environments: outdoors, buried, in humid environments and even submerged in water.

Datos técnicos

  • The table shows diameter, weight, current-carrying capacity and voltage drop detailed for each cable.
  • Current-carrying capacities shown in the table are calculated according to IEC 60364 and for the following conditions:
  • - Open air installation: it is supposed an installation which allows effective air renewal with ambient temperature of 30 °C (reference method F for single core and E for multi core cables).
  • - Buried installation: cable in a duct buried at 70 cm depth, with ground thermal resistivity of 2,5 °K·m/W and ground temperature of 20 °C (reference method D).
  • - For cables with 2 conductors and for cables with 3 conductors up to 10 mm2 it is supposed a single-phase circuit. A three-phase circuit it is supposed for all other cables.
  • Voltage drop, is the maximum that may occur. It is calculated to the maximum conductor temperature and for cos Ø =1.
  • Diseño

    • - Conductor: conductor de cobre electrolítico recocido, clase 5 según IEC 60228.
    • - Aislamiento: aislamiento de XLPE, tipo DIX 3 según HD 603. La identificación normalizada, según HD 308, es por colores.
    • - Cubierta: cubierta de PVC flexible, de color negro, tipo DMV 18 según HD 603. La mezcla especial de PVC utilizada ofrece una excelente protección al ataque químico y a la absorción de agua.