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Powerhard armoured electric cables are used for installations in the petrochemical industry, service stations, warehouses for flammable products, agricultural facilities, mining and street lighting.Top Cable manufactures armoured cables for fixed installations where there is a possibility of mechanical aggression. They are designed with rodent-proof protection for production plants, agricultural facilities, street lighting and installations in premises at risk from fire and explosion, such as service stations, petrochemical plants, warehouses for flammable products, etc.



POWERHARD F RVFV-K & VVFV-K low voltage cable. Due to its design, this cable is especially suitable for fixed installations that may be subject to mechanical aggression.

Top Cable manufactures Powerhard F RVFV-K & VVFV-K cables


POWERHARD M RVMV-K  low voltage cable, especially suitable for fixed installations in places with a risk of fire and explosions.

Top Cable manufactures Powerhard M RVMV-K & VVMV-K cables
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