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CPR fire compliance: Summary of classes B2, C, D and E

15 February, 2023

The main cable CPR rating criterion of the classification of electrical cables under the new European CPR fundamentally analyses two aspects. First, the reaction of electrical cables to fire (CPR fire compliance) and second, their emission of dangerous substances. It is a fact that 90% of all fires that break out in Europe every year […]

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Sector Eléctrico Europeo

Scope of the Construction Products Regulation in Europe

21 March, 2022

CPR: What is the European Electricity Sector’s knowledge of the Construction Products Regulation? We bring you the results of the survey that has been conducted by Europacable to monitor the knowledge, application and use of the #CPR in the European electricity sector. This regulation was implemented in 2017 as a mandatory requirement in the European […]

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test fuego cpr

Reaction to fire on CPR cables

3 October, 2021

CPR European regulations prescribe severe fire tests in official laboratories to analyse their reaction to fire. Official results of these tests indicate the performance of these cables before the fire, reflected in class B2ca, Cca, Dca or Eca). The regulation of  Construction Products Regulation (CPR), in force since July 1st, 2016, requires cable manufacturers, distributors, project […]

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cable solar rollos 100 metros Topsolar H1Z2Z2-K

Topsolar H1Z2Z2-K, the highest solar CPR certification: Cca-s1b,d2,a1

18 September, 2020

Solar installations for self-consumption in public places require high-quality cables that also provide excellent performance in the event of a fire, like Topsolar H1Z2Z2-K. Request CPR Cca class solar cables from your usual cable supplier. SOLAR INSTALLERS REQUIRE Cca CABLES An increasing number of solar installers require Cca class cables to comply with the European […]

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