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Solar capacity

Europe to install 100 gigawatts of solar capacity by 2025

5 July, 2022

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published its latest report on the global PV sector. The Snapshot of Global PV Markets  details that the largest PV market in Europe is Germany, which this year has added 5.3 gigawatts to its already formidable domestic PV generation fleet. Now has 58.7 GW of cumulative solar capacity. Spain […]

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consejos para mejorar la seguridad electrica en el hogar

12 Tips to improve electrical safety at home

24 November, 2020

In this article we are gonna talk about how to electrical safety at home. Follow the following safety regulations at home and tips to guarantee the safety of all electrical installations at home, in your community or in your company. Tips to improve electrical safety and avoid electric shocks at home 1. Push the test […]

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Cables for domestic wiring and home electrical installations

Cables for domestic wiring and home electrical installations

11 October, 2020

Types of Electrical home Wiring Cables Through different electric cables types, the electric current is transported from the service box to the home circuits. Domestic electrical cable cross-section In a domestic installation, the electrical current to flow through determines the electrical cable sizes (or cross-section). For example, an air conditioning unit requires more current to […]

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las mejores apps electricistas e ingenieros

Best Apps for Electricians and Electrical Engineering 2020

5 October, 2020

From all the outstanding tools out there for electricians, we highlight our top best recommended apps for engineers, electricians, electricity teachers and students in Android and iOS. The use of Apps as work tool within the world of engineering and electricians is vital. The software for electricians and especially the applications for electricians and electrical […]

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