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cables para instalaciones eléctricas domésticas

Cables for domestic wiring and home electrical installations

Types of Electrical home Wiring Cables Through different electric cables types, the electric current is transported from the service box to the home circuits. Domestic electrical cable cross-section In a domestic installation, the electrical current to flow through determines the electrical cable sizes (or cross-section). For example, an air conditioning unit requires more current to […]

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Best Apps for Electricians and Electrical Engineering 2020

The use of Apps as work tool within the world of engineering and electricians is vital. The software for electricians and especially the applications for electricians and electrical installers help in their daily tasks to solve electrical calculations and problems that they face in their day to day work. From all the outstanding tools out […]

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best apps for electricians

How businesses operate during a global pandemic

The last four months have provided an opportunity to observe how businesses operate during an unprecedented global pandemic, with an accelerated shift to digital operations. An article from the Harvard Business Review(*). China has been weeks ahead of the rest of the world fighting against the pandemic and its consequences, so its experience is of […]

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Macroeconomic study of renewable energies in Spain

The Association of Renewable Energies (APPA) has published an annual survey where the main macroeconomic indicators in the sector are collected. Renewable energy as a whole contributed with 8,511 million euros to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employed 74,566 workers and produced savings of 5,989 milion euros to avoid energy imports and 279 million […]

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