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Macroeconomic study of renewable energies in Spain

The Association of Renewable Energies (APPA) has published an annual survey where the main macroeconomic indicators in the sector are collected. Renewable energy as a whole contributed with 8,511 million euros to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employed 74,566 workers and produced savings of 5,989 milion euros to avoid energy imports and 279 million […]

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Top Cable participates in the IWCC congress in Sevilla

The International Wrought Copper Council (IWCC) carries out an annual conference where members meet to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities and share experiences on the present and the future of copper. The International Wrought Copper Council (IWCC) is an international organization for the manufacturing industry copper. The Council was founded in 1953 and currently more […]

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Top Cable adheres to Europacable

Founded in 1991, Europacable is the voice of all the major European cable producers. Europacable members comprise manufacturers the world’s biggest cable as well as highly specialized small and medium companies in the European Union. Since last summer, Top Cable is part of Europacable, an organization that represents the world’s largest cable manufacturers. Globally, members of Europacable employ more […]

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Cables for power rental & temporary power supply (Power generators)

POWER GENERATORS TO THE GRID The right equipment requires the right connection. Top Cable offers the best solution to interconnect Power Generators to the grid. Temporary events such as fairs, festivals, concerts, exhibitions require an additional power supply that the existing power network cannot provide. Strategic services such as hospitals, airports, public buildings, military installations, […]

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