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Process of isolating a medium voltage cable

The process of isolating a medium voltage cable is divided into seven stages: conductor feeding, XLPE and sheath material, triple extrusion, controlling thickness, cross-linking, cooling and drum coiling. The range of Medium Voltage cables Top Cable are manufactured to the highest international standards. This is the process that follows: 1. Conductor feeding 2. XLPE and […]

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When is it necessary to perform the alternate flexion test?

THE ALTERNATE FLEXION TEST This test is performed on cables subjected to frequent flexion, such as lift and service lift cables. The objective of this test is to demonstrate that both the construction of the cable as well as the materials utilized in its manufacture are the most suitable for so demanding application, guaranteeing its […]

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Medium Voltage Tests

TOP CABLE MEDIUM VOLTAGE CABLE TESTS Top Cable carries out numerous tests to ensure the quality of their cables Medium Voltage X-VOLT. The main test methods are defined in IEC 60502-2, UNE-EN 60881 and HD 605. The Top Cable Medium Voltage cables are suitable for transporting energy, and are manufactured in copper and aluminium. They […]

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Improvements to an unconventional panel-board

“Juganett” is the alias of Juan Carlos, an electrician by profession with a vocation to “blog”. From Denia he enlightens us with some electric posts worthy of the best professors: well explained and documented, and above all, fun. Sometimes it isn´t enough that things work; they also need to be useful, practical, tidy and safe, […]

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