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H07V-K and H05V-K cables: extra flexible and extra sliding

The TopFlex H05V-K and H07V-K is especially suitable for domestic electrical installations. They can also be used for wiring equipment, distributors, cabinets and lighting. Additionally, its use is recommended for installation in false ceilings. Cables up to 1mm2 are especially suitable for signaling and control. EXTRASLIDING CONDUCTOR The cable Topflex H05V-K, is composed of a flexible copper conductor, class 5, and extra-thick PVC insulation, to […]

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Water Resistant Cables: Types and Classification

Classification of electrical cables according to water protection Electrical cables are used in various applications or installations, often under adverse environmental conditions. AD protection (against water) establishes to what extent an electrical cable can be exposed to moisture, according to UNE 20460-3:1996 standard. AD1 PROTECTION: the probability of presence in water is negligible Location in […]

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medium voltage cable characteristics and composition

Medium Voltage cables: Design & Construction

Medium voltage cable characteristics and composition The composition and design of Medium Voltage cables is defined by the following elements or layers: 1. CONDUCTOR It carries the electric current. It is the central element of the cable. The conductors are class 2 and are made of electrolytic copper or high purity electrolytic aluminium. 2. INTERNAL […]

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Cables para instalaciones fotovoltaicas

Cables for photovoltaic installations

Solar cables are key in a photovoltaic installation, whether in large installations on solar farms or in smaller installations in domestic self consumption solar systems. High performance cables designed for solar installations In large solar farms, sun energy is directly transformed into electrical energy. These cables are suitable for use at high temperatures and all […]

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