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Powerflex® PLUS YMvKf, flexible cable connections

This extra-flexible cable is suitable for curved routes and difficult layouts, making the installation substantially easier. It is also perfect for installation in ducts, conduits or channels without requiring additional protection. Top Cable Powerflex® PLUS YMvKf allows a maximum conductor temperature of 90ºC.  The CPR classification of this cable is Cca-s2,d2,a3, according to European standard […]

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Toxfree® ZH Outdoor H07Z1-K

Toxfree® ZH Outdoor H07Z1-K, flexible and halogen free earthing connections.

The tinned copper and the special UV resistant compounds makes the cable resistant against corrosion and UV rays degradation. Toxfree® ZH Outdoor H07Z1-K  is a LSHF safety cable specially engineered for earthing connections in outdoor installations. CABLE DESIGN: Conductor: Electrolytic tinned copper, class 5 (flexible), based on EN 60228 and IEC 60228. Insulation: UV resistant  […]

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Top cable factory 100% green energy

Top cable uses 100% green energy

All the electricity consumed by Top Cable in its Spanish factories and installations comes from 100% renewable sources.   TOP CABLE, AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY COMPANY This action is aligned with its MovingGreen® Strategic Sustainability Plan to transform the company into a Company that is increasingly respectful of the Environment, which is based on three pillars: […]

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best apps for electricians

Best Apps for Electricians and Electrical Engineering 2020

The use of Apps as work tool within the world of engineering and electricians is vital. The software for electricians and especially the applications for electricians and electrical installers help in their daily tasks to solve electrical calculations and problems that they face in their day to day work. From all the outstanding tools out […]

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