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28 December, 2016

CPR cables in stock for immediate purchase


Top Cable holds a full stock of the new CPR cables. Customers plan ahead to be in a position to provide cables already designed and tested under CPR criteria.

CPR cables

Remember that the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has been in force throughout the European Union since July 2016.

CPR cables

The new CPR Toxfree H07Z1-K (AS) and Toxfree RZ1-K (AS) cables (available with cross-sections equal to or greater than 25 mm2), are certified with reaction class B2ca s1a, d1, a1- the most demanding level of the CPR.

Class B2ca s1a, d1, a1 offers performance over and above Class Cca. Resistance to flame and fire propagation does not emit acid or toxic fumes during combustion. Low levels of flammable particles are extinguished in less than 10 seconds.

Fire reaction class

On the other hand, the new European Construction Products Regulation Topflex V-K H05V-K & H07V-K cables are certified with reaction class Eca providing flexibility, manoeuvrability and safe electrical installation.

The new CPR Powerflex RV-K Ultra cable, in addition to being the most flexible on the market, has Eca certification.

Powerflex RV-K Cable 

The new CPR Topflex VV-F H05VV-F multicore cables, recommended for interior domestic use, also have Eca certification.

Topflex VV-F H05VV-F

Similarly, the new extra flexible rubber cables Xtrem H07RN-F  are certified with reaction class Eca.

 Xtrem H07RN-F

Download the Top Cable catalogue here.

If you require, you can request the full documentation relating to the new CPR from your usual Top Cable supplier. Product information, delivery times, Declaration of Performance (DoP) and CE marking.

CPR Cables

Also visit our website in this link to be up to date with the new products adapted to the European CPR.