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6 April, 2019


Top Cable launches the FREE web “Top Cable Metal Prices” that allows users to view the daily market values of copper and aluminum raw materials. This “app” is aimed at distributors of electrical equipment, engineering, electrical installation companies, etc.

Characteristics of metal prices by TOP CABLE

The Metal Prices web allows you to verify the daily copper and aluminum values according to the London Metal Exchange (LME) and German Electrolytic High-Conductivity Copper (DEL) markets in Euros or Dollars. This application also allows you to verify the recent and historical values of the metals market, with different viewing options.

This Website has been created to help distributors, wholesalers, engineers, electrical installers and, in general, any person related to the electrical sector to access the values of copper or aluminum quickly and accurately. Through your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Evolution of aluminium prices
Evolution of cooper prices

Therefore the Web also has the function of currency exchange (€ / $) and many other interesting statistics, such as average prices or the ability to see monthly or annual values.