Photovoltaic cables designations

Photovoltaic cables have a designation according to the standard. This denomination is composed of a set of letters and numbers, each with a meaning.

1. Panel wiring and panels to the connection box: DC low voltage cable.

TOPSOLAR (PV) H1Z2Z2-K (AS) 0.6 / 1 kV (from 2.5 to 35 mm2)

TOPSOLAR type cable (PV); cables for photovoltaic applications.

Manufactured against the latest European Standard EN 50618 and with the harmonised designation H1Z2Z2-K, these Solar DC Cable are specified cables for use in Photovoltaic (PV) systems, and in particular those for installation at Direct Current (DC) side with a nominal DC voltage of up to 1.5kV between conductors as well as between conductor and earth, and not exceeding 1800V. EN 50618 requires cables to be low smoke zero halogen and be flexible tin-coated copper conductors with a single core and cross-linked insulation and sheath.

2. Wiring between the connection box and the inverter: DC low voltage cable.

3. Wiring between the transformer and the electrical substation: medium voltage cable in alternating current.

X-VOLT RHZ1-OL or X-VOLT HEPRZ1 between 6/10 and 18/30 kV
Example: X-VOLT RHZ1-OL (S) 12 / 20kV 1×150 K AL + H16
Cable type X-VOLT; Medium Voltage cables.
The first block (RHZ1 in the example) refers to the coatings of the cable, always from the inside out.


The letters mean:

  • RH: XLPE insulation and radial field.
  • HEPR: Isolation of HEPR and radial field.
  • Z1: Halogen-free polyolefin cover.

The second block (-OL (S) in the example) refers to the additional features:

  • (blank): cable without obturation.
  • -OL: Obturation length. simple (under cover)
  • (S): Security Cable, no flame propagator.
  • Uo / U: Rated voltage, in kV.
  • nxS: conductors number and section, in mm2.
  • K AL: Compact aluminum conductor
  • + H16: Wire screen made of copper, 16 mm2