Photovoltaic cables designations

Photovoltaic cables have a designation according to the standard. This denomination is composed of a set of letters and numbers, each with a meaning.

The designation code that is used in Spain for photovoltaic cables is: (described according to their application in the installation):


1. Panel wiring and panels to the connection box: DC low voltage cable.

TOPSOLAR (PV) ZZ-F (AS) 0.6 / 1 kV (from 2.5 to 35 mm2)

TOPSOLAR type cable (PV); cables for photovoltaic applications.

The letters mean:

Z: Halogen-free cross-linked elastomer insulation
Z: Halogen-free reticulated elastomer cover
-F: Electrolytic copper conductor, tinned, Class 5 according to IEC 60228
(AS): High-Security Cable, not fire propagator.
0.6 / 1 kV: Voltage assigned in kV
(PV): PhotoVoltaic (Photovoltaic)

2. Wiring between the connection box and the inverter: DC low voltage cable.

3. Wiring between the transformer and the electrical substation: medium voltage cable in alternating current.

X-VOLT RHZ1-OL or X-VOLT HEPRZ1 between 6/10 and 18/30 kV
Example: X-VOLT RHZ1-OL (S) 12 / 20kV 1×150 K AL + H16
Cable type X-VOLT; Medium Voltage cables.
The first block (RHZ1 in the example) refers to the coatings of the cable, always from the inside out.


The letters mean:

  • RH: XLPE insulation and radial field.
  • HEPR: Isolation of HEPR and radial field.
  • Z1: Halogen-free polyolefin cover.

The second block (-OL (S) in the example) refers to the additional features:

  • (blank): cable without obturation.
  • -OL: Obturation length. simple (under cover)
  • (S): Security Cable, no flame propagator.
  • Uo / U: Rated voltage, in kV.
  • nxS: conductors number and section, in mm2.
  • K AL: Compact aluminum conductor
  • + H16: Wire screen made of copper, 16 mm2

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