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16 June, 2023

Photovoltaic cables designations

Photovoltaic cables have a designation that is marked according to the established standard. This denomination is composed of a set of letters and numbers, each with a meaning. In this article, we will detail the meaning of the designation code used for photovoltaic cables.

Panel wiring and panels to the connection box: DC low voltage cable.

We are talking about a Low Voltage cable in direct current, in accordance with the EN 50618 standard.

In this case, we are going to analyze the meaning of the letters that name the cable TOPSOLAR H1Z2Z2-K 1,5kV:



Voltage rate: harmonized cable at 1.5/1.5 kV DC


Insulation: Halogen-free cross-linked compound


Sheath: halogen-free cross-linked compound


Flexible tinned copper conductor, Class 5 (flexible) according to IEC 60228. In solar cables, the tinned copper conductor is a mandatory requirement of the EN 50618 standard

1,5 kV

Rated voltage in kV

panells solars AKSON

Wiring between the connection box and the inverter

These are Low Voltage cables in direct current.

Wiring between the transformer and the electrical substation: medium voltage cable in alternating current.

These are Medium Voltage cables in alternating current, such as the X-VOLT, RHZ1-OL, or X-VOLT HEPRZ1 cables, ranging from 6/10 to 18/30 kV.

In this case, we will analyze the example of the cable X-VOLT RHZ1-OL (S) 12/20kV 1×150 K AL+H16.

X-VOLT type cable: Medium Voltage cables.

The first section (RHZ1 in the example) refers to the cable’s layers, always from the inside out. In this case, the meaning of the letters:

X-VOLT RHZ1-OL (S) 12/20kV 1x150 K AL+H16


XLPE insulation


Added semiconductor screen and metallic screen


Halogen-free polyolefin cover


The second block (-OL (S) in the example) refers to the additional features:

X-VOLT RHZ1-OL (S) 12/20kV 1x150 K AL+H16

(en blanco)

Cable without obturation


Longitudinally shuttered screen


Security Cable, no flame propagator

12/20 kV

Rated voltage, in kV


Conductors number and section, in mm2


Compact aluminum conductor


Wire screen made of copper, 16 mm2

Auxiliary cables in a photovoltaic installation

In a photovoltaic installation, you can also find auxiliary cables, whose designation we analyzed in this post.

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