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13 September, 2016

Powerflex RV-K ULTRA, the most flexible cable on the market

Top Cable, in its constant bet to improve the performance of the cables, has reviewed the characteristics of those heavier cables. It has launched to the market an improved version of its Powerflex model: the Ultraflexible cable Powerflex RV-K ULTRA.

The Powerflex RV-K ULTRA is an ultra-flexible power cable, designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements: low voltage industrial connections, urban networks, installations in buildings, etc.

It is available in stock and, right now, in unipolar formations for sections greater than 70mm2.

Thanks to its design, the Powerflex RV-K ULTRA continues to present its renowned service versatility. Ease of use, good resistance to chemical attack, ability to work underground, in the air or in immersion (AD8), indoors or outdoors, high temperature service and short circuit, etc.

To these characteristics is added, now, a very improved manageability, thanks to the use of special manufacturing techniques and improved materials.

Powerflex Ultra

In projects where electrical cables are installed (greater than 70 mm2), the bending stress can significantly slow down the speed of said installation. An ultra-flexible cable can mean, in short, an increase in the overall margin of the work.

Additionally, it is worth noting the quality of the flame propagation of the Powerflex RV-K ULTRA cable, as well as the fact that it is a cable recognized and certified according to the new European Regulation CPR, with the Eca level. These characteristics contribute to significantly improve the overall safety of the installation.

The Powerflex RV-K ULTRA cable is a high performance product subjected to the strictest quality controls throughout its manufacture. That is why it has received the Aenor quality certifications for some of the most demanding regulations in the national and international market, such as UNE 21123 and IEC 60502.


With the Powerflex ULTRA cable you can undertake any type of industrial or domestic installation with the best guarantee of ease of installation and quality of service.

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In addition to Powerflex RV-K Ultra, Top Cable has a wide range of electrical wiring. Do not hesitate to consult our catalogue and find any cable you need:

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