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3 October, 2021

Reaction to fire on CPR cables

CPR European regulations prescribe severe fire tests in official laboratories to analyse their reaction to fire. Official results of these tests indicate the performance of these cables before the fire, reflected in class B2ca, Cca, Dca or Eca).

The regulation of  Construction Products Regulation (CPR), in force since July 1st, 2016, requires cable manufacturers, distributors, project managers, architects, builders and installers across Europe to provide cables with the correct CPR classification in construction buildings.

European CPR regulations prescribe severe fire tests to be performed by cable manufacturers in official laboratories. Official results of these tests indicate the performance of these cables before the fire, reflected in class B2ca, Cca, Dca or Eca.

During fire tests, the heat release and flame propagation are measured on a constant basis. CPR laboratory fire tests follow these reaction to fire parameters:

reaction to fire

Reaction to fire

Among many other relevant aspects, cables B2ca should not propagate the fire to more than 1,5 meters. The cable Cca They should not spread the fire over 2 meters. Therefore, the installation of cables B2ca or Cca prevents a localized fire from spreading to other areas through the cable network.

Additional classification levels

In addition, the CPR provide three additional levels of classification:

  1. The amount of smoke produced, indicated by the following rankings s1a, s1b, s3 or s2.
  2. Combustible particles falling during the cable combustion, indicated by d0, d1 and d2.
  3. The acidity level of the smoke produced during the combustion, classified as a1, a2 and a3.

These additional classifications are vital when it comes to safety in case of fire.

CPR Classes

What CPR classification is required in all European countries?

National regulations prescribe specific classes based on the environment and installation rules.

In most European countries class Cca is required in public places with high density if people and important equipment such as: offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and suchlike.

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