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21 March, 2022

Scope of the Construction Products Regulation in Europe

CPR: What is the European Electricity Sector’s knowledge of the Construction Products Regulation? We bring you the results of the survey that has been conducted by Europacable to monitor the knowledge, application and use of the #CPR in the European electricity sector. This regulation was implemented in 2017 as a mandatory requirement in the European Union to regulate the fire and chemical performance of cables.

This regulation aims to obtain a better regulation of behavior against fire and dangerous substances in the materials used in construction. The CPR also requires each cable to have a corresponding Declaration of Performance (DoP). It’s a legal document that includes all relevant information: manufacturer, cable identification, evaluation system used, applicable standard, certification body and CPR features of the product.

The survey was answered by stakeholders involved in the electricity sector with a total of 1,311 surveys across Europe: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Finland, Poland, Norway, Sweden Belgium and Czech Republic and UK. Download the results of the survey on knowledge, application and use of the CPR

Construction Products Regulation’ survey executive summary

  1. Knowledge of CPR classes used for electrical cables
  2. Responsibilities for CPR implementation
  3. Real CPR application
  4. CPR non-compliant cables

Construction Products Regulation

Download the results of the survey on knowledge, application and use of CPR here: