28 November, 2018

Special welding cable Topweld H01N2-D

The flexibility of Topweld H01N2-D cable facilitates the use of the welding tool, avoiding the formation of knots on the wire which could cause international conductor breakage.

Topweld H01N2-D cable has been specially designed to transmit high currents between the welding generator and the electrode. It can also be used in automatic welding machines, conveyors and production lines or as automobile assembly lines.

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Flexible cooper conductor of Topweld H01N2-D

The cable is 100/100V low voltage, designed from a electrolytic cooper, class D extra flexible conductor. The outer sheath is flexible rubber, black color.

Rubber outer seath

The properties of the vulcanised rubber outer sheath allow their use outdoors. This outer sheath also protects the cable against chemicals such as mineral oils or hydrocarbons.

Thanks to the quality of the materials and the thicknesses of the flexible outer sheath and cooper conductors, this cable allows very small radius of curvature.

Reference standards of Topweld H01N2-D

The Topweld H01N2-D is a high performance cable, subject to strict quality controls through their manufacture. The cable meets HD 22.6 / UNE 21027-6 reference standards, national standards UNE-EN 60332-1 and IEC 60332-1. It also has quality certificates from AENOR and HAR.

Working temperature

This cable can be used from a minimum working temperature -20ºC, and a maximum conductor temperature 85ºC. The maximum short circuit temperature is 250ºC, for up to 5 seconds.

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