TOPMATIC, the improved “app” which calculates electrical cable sections

TopMatic allows you to select the most suitable cable and calculate its main parameters, applying the corresponding regulations. This “app” serves great use for engineers, installers, distributors, teachers, and students.

TopMatic calculates the most suitable section of each electrical cable. The program considers the maximum voltage drop and uses the UNE 20460-5-523 standard as a reference for the permissible intensities. A very useful tool that guides you step by step in the calculation of the right section of the cable you need for your electrical installation.


The interface of the TopMatic has been the object of a complete redesign to offer the best navigability in any device. In addition, the main novelty with respect to the previous version is an improvement in the selection of the search parameters.

Through various screens, TopMatic is guiding the user in choosing the type of cable suitable for their electrical installations, such as voltage drop, driver’s temperature, or the method of installation, among others, and the introduction of numerical data of the application in the calculation.

In the final screen, along with the recommended section, all the search parameters are collected. Then you will obtain a complete, customizable, printable and ready report to be forwarded by e-mail.

The TopMatic program remembers that all the cables permanently installed in the construction must comply with the European CPR.

Regulations. It also includes a guide of the UNE Standard 20460-5-523 in PDF format and the access to the technical files of Low Voltage cables to check all the characteristics of the selected cable.


The application allows you to choose between the calculation according to the power (Kw) or the intensity (A). To continue considering the main parameters of an installation: current type, ø cosine, voltage drop, line length, number of lines in parallel, driver’s temperature and type of installation.


TopMatic is very useful for engineers, installers, distributors, teachers, and students. It is available in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Danish.


You can download your TopMatic for free both in Apple or Android devices right now.

Here you can find the TopMatic for IOS devices

Here you can find the TopMatic App for Android devices