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16 September, 2020

Toxfree® pre-wired cables ZH H07Z1-K (AS)

The Toxfree® ZH H07Z1-K (AS) halogen-free cables for branches are extra flexible, extra slippery and have CPR B2ca-s1a,d1,a1, the maximum safety required by the European Union in case of fire.

This halogen-free cables for branches meet all the requirements of the ITC-BT 15 (Connecting installations. Individual branches).  They are extra flexible, extra sliding cables with maximum CPR safety in the event of fire: B2ca-s1a,d1,a1, following European standard EN 50575.

These cables include in their configuration the conductors used for energy transmission (phase and neutral, blue and brown) and the protection conductor (earth, yellow/green), plus the control wire (red) gathered in the same bundle without wiring, reducing the time spent in handling the conductors individually.

Toxfree® ZH H07Z1-K, extra-slippery and highly flexible cables

The installation is effortless thanks to its extra sliding insulation and its great flexibility. By facilitating the work of the installer and simplifying the collection of materials, the cost of installations is reduced.

Toxfree® ZH H07Z1-K (AS) pre-wired cables have a nominal voltage of 450/750 V.  They are also certified by HAR, AENOR and BUREAU VERITAS.

toxfree H07Z1-K precableado

Especially suitable for public places

This pre-wired cables are especially suitable for installation in public places, in industrial facilities, under pipes and suchlike.

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