Metal prices

Cooper and Aluminium values

Top Cable Metal Prices app allows you to check the values of copper and aluminum according to the LME and DEL markets in either Euros or USD. The application also enables you to check both recent and old market values while assisting your search with accurate graphics and charts in order to provide the most reliable information.

Select a metal: Copper or Aluminium

Main markets

Top Cable Metal Prices app uses The London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Deutsches Elektrolytkupfer für Leitzwecke (DEL) values.

Daily updated

The application values are daily updated, as soon as the main markets post their closing prices

Currency exchange

Choose between Euros or Dollars to check the daily metal prices. Currency exchange is also daily updated to give you the most accurate information.

Multiple views: Table or graphic

Graphic view

According to your metal choice on the first step, the application automatically shows a graphic with the evolution of last month’s values. The graphic and the value average are adapted to the date range you have chosen.

Table view

Choose between checking the daily values of the month selected or the monthly average values of the year selected. All of that in a simple and clean interface.

Select any desired time period


Feel free to choose the date range you need. The application has a large historical data with copper and aluminum values.


Based on your date range selection, you will instantly see the price average on Euros or Dollars.

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