Fire Safety is our Responsibility. Yours Too

Whatever your role is in the cable supply chain – wholesaler, specifier or installer – you have precise legal responsibilities for safety in the case of fire and compliance with the CPR.  Are you aware of your responsibilities? CPR regulation requires cable manufacturers, distributors, project managers, architects, builders and installers across Europe to provide cables […]

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Considerations when choosing a photovoltaic cable.

Electrical wiring is one of the photovoltaic installations key points. The correct cable selection will optimize the performance of the solar garden in the short, medium and long term.   DEMANDING CONDITIONS THAT A PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR INSTALLATION MUST SUPPORT The connection cable that connects the panels and the DC Low Voltage network in a photovoltaic […]

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Photovoltaic cables designations

Photovoltaic cables have a designation according to the standard. This denomination is composed of a set of letters and numbers, each with a meaning. The designation code that is used in Spain for photovoltaic cables is: (described according to their application in the installation): 1. Panel wiring and panels to the connection box: DC low […]

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University Collaboration with Epowered Racing Team

Top Cable collaborates with Epowered Racing and its team of engineering students The Epowered Racing team is one of several electric motorcycle projects in which Top Cable actively collaborates. The objective of this university project is to develop an electric motorbike from scratch to compete in the 5th edition of MotoStudent. Do you know MotoStudent? […]

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