Powerflex® PLUS YMvKf, flexible cable connections

This extra-flexible cable is suitable for curved routes and difficult layouts, making the installation substantially easier. It is also perfect for installation in ducts, conduits or channels without requiring additional protection.


Top Cable Powerflex® PLUS YMvKf allows a maximum conductor temperature of 90ºC.  The CPR classification of this cable is Cca-s2,d2,a3, according to European standard EN 50575.


 The cable outer sheath is resistant to moisture and chemical substances. It withstands damp conditions and even total submersion in water (AD7). It also has improved properties against ultraviolet (UV) radiation according to the UNE 211605 climatic test, which guarantees the Powerflex® PLUS YMvKf to be installed both indoors and outdoors at full performance.


 Powerflex® PLUS YMvKf is a 0,6/1kV Low Voltage cable designed from a flexible copper conductor (class 5), flexible cross-linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE), and a grey colour flexible PVC outer sheath

  • Low voltage cable 0,6/1kV.
  • flexible copper conductor (class 5).
  • flexible XLPE insulation.
  • flexible PVC outer sheath (grey colour).

The cable design is based on HD 604-4-D and IEC 60502-1, and it is approved by Kema Keur, Aenor, and Bureau Veritas.


Powerflex® PLUS YMvKf is a flexible and easy-to-handle cable, which guarantees maximum performance and safety in electrical installations in public areas such as building installations, urban grids, and all types of industrial low voltage connections.


This cable is fire retardant and is recommended for use in public places and hazardous industries.

  • Flame non-propagation based on EN 60332-1 and IEC 60332-1.
  • Fire non-propagation based on EN 60332-3 / IEC 60332-3 / NBN C 30-004-F2 / EN 50399.
  • Reduced halogen emission. Chlorine <15%.
  • Reaction to fire CPR: Cca-s2,d2,a3 according to 50575.


The thermal and mechanical characteristics make Powerflex® PLUS YMvKf a high-performance cable. The maximum service temperature is 90ºC, the maximum short-circuit temperature is 250ºC (max. 5 s) and its minimum service temperature is -40ºC (for fixed and protected installations). The impact resistance is AG2 Medium severity.

For more information on this cable and its Declaration of Performance (DoP) please visit this link. 

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